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Booking a Session 

1. Determine the date or date range

2. Decide which package best fits you

3. Call/email/text me for availability & questions

4. Once date is confirmed, secure date with deposit

5. Confirmation email is sent and you're all set !

Highlights of Michael Walsh Beach Photography

  • Session Includes All the Keeper Images

  • No Hidden Fee's or Extra Images to Buy

  • Knowledge of the Best Beach Locations

  • Advanced Knowledge of Lighting + Flash

  • Skilled in Advanced Processing + Editing

  • Excellent & Quick Communication

  • Trustworthy, Timely & Professional

  • Artistic but not Complicated Sessions

  • Highest Quality Cameras & Lenses in the World

  • Over 40 Years of Photography Experience

  • Gladly Travel from LBI to Cape May

  • Fully Insured for All Types of Photography

  • Platinum Member Canon Professional Services

Delivery of Images  -  Simple and Fast !

Once Payment is Received Then Images Are Delivered To You Via:

1. GOOGLE DRIVE:  Popular, Easy Transfer of Images

2.  WE TRANSFER:  Fast, Easy to Send Images

Payment   Flexible and Easy







+  How far do you travel ?

    - I can travel from Ole Barney on LBI all the way down to the Cape May  Lighthouse on Cape May Point

+   How long does it take you to edit the photo's ?

    -  Good question !  It depends on how busy I am .  In the hectic summer months it may take up to 2 weeks to edit your images but the average is approximately 1 week or less.

+  What type of payment do you accept ?

   - Currently I accept checks, cash, checks, venmo, Zelle & Apple Pay  

+  What should I wear?

   - Another good question !  I tell my clients that pastels always "pop" at the shore.  I am also a fan of blues and golds.  There is a lot of backlash lately to the classic white shirt and khaki's  but there's a reason why they work...they're CLASSICS !  It's also not a bad idea to bring a reasonable change of clothes to add versatility to your portfolio.

+ How long is my beach session ?

   - I'm known to be generous with your portrait session.  I generally like to begin about 1  hour before sunset (most sessions) and this allows three different lighting scenarios:  1.  Afternoon Daylight.  2.  Golden Hour.  3.  Sunset Hour ( my favorite).  All of these lighting scenarios provide you with a large dynamic range of light for your beach portrait portfolio. 


+  Do you photograph children in your sessions?

   - Absolutely !  ALL children from 1 to 100 !  Check out our pricing page for a package that fits you.

+  How much do you charge?

   - I offer a complete range of packages from couples to families with children all the way up to Super Size Families. Take a moment and zip over to my PRICING page and there you will find a complete range of easy to read packages that should fit your criteria.

+  What if it rains on my photo session date?

   -  That's always a possibility and if so we will have to confirm a second, alternative date.  It has always worked out though in the past.  Small sprinkles however, is not a serious problem.

+  Do you have a cancellation fee and deposit?

   - Yes.  I have a non-refundable deposit of $50  (which is applied to your session).  Only rainy /stormy weather or if I can't make it due to accident or illness will nullify the deposit.  Wind does not count as stormy weather unless it's hurricane strength.  We also do not "hold" alternate rain dates.

The summer is very busy and many people want to have beach portraits and by cancelling at the last minute causes other families to not be able to book.

+  Do you provide proofs ?

   - I generally send out about 5-7 random pics for you to review and if you're satisfied then, after editing the remaining images, I send them out to you.

+  How many images will I receive?

   - A lot !  I don't limit my sessions to "X" amount of photo's.  I take a ton, sort through the keepers and provide you with anywhere from 50 to 100 images depending on the size of group.  Generally though you should receive about 75 high resolution images for a normal family.

+ How to you send the images?

   - I send two ways:  1.  A company called WE TRANSFER which is a simple download and 2.  Google Drive for those who like google. 

+  Speaking of printing, how does that work?

   - I take the images and send them to you and you provide your own printing.  I can certainly help you with reputable printers.  

+  Do you release the printing right to the photos ?

  -  Yes.  You have the printing rights to print the photos !

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